ASEAN Music ShowcaseFestival 2020

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ASEAN Music ShowcaseFestival | Facebook Southeast Asia is a region rich with musical cultures and thriving local music scenes consisting of all imaginable modern music genres and sub-genres, but is virtually invisible to the world, and we want to change that! ---- WHO: We are a group of gig/concert promoters, music festival/conference owners, and music community leaders from all over Southeast Asia who are confident in the quality and creativity of our musical talents and want to support their export to the global music market. ---- WHAT: This project is a music showcase festival that shall feature up-and-coming and interesting artists from Southeast Asia. For this year, they are 20 artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. A virtual speed meeting shall also be conducted to connect artists with potential buyers such as music festival owners, promoters, labels, and agents. ---- WHERE: This year, we shall utilize platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live to conduct a virtual event. For future events after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, offline events shall also be organized. ---- WHEN: Our inaugural event is scheduled for Saturday 19 – Monday 21 September 2020 (showcases on September 19-20 and speed meetings on 21), and then organized annually and promoted regularly in the future to keep the momentum. ---- WHY: A music showcase festival is a music industry event format that has been proven to boost artist careers and break them into new markets. Southeast Asian countries all have rich musical cultures but is virtually invisible to the world. We want to let the world know about our music and export our artists to the world! ---- Follow us: